Congress holds ‘irresponsible’ PM Modi responsible for BJP’s loss in Bihar

New Delhi, Nov. 8 : Riding on the wave of the mahagathbandhan’s victory in the Bihar Assembly elections, the Congress on Sunday trained their guns on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying his ‘arrogance’ and use of ‘foul’ language during the campaign had cost the Bharatiya Janata Party-led alliance the polls.

“Our campaign has always been for Bihar’s development and against the polarization based on religion and we have kept our campaign clean and healthy. The nation was stunned and ashamed when the Prime Minister sunk low forgetting his post and used such language,” Congress leader Anand Sharma told ANI.

Talking about the BJP’s claims that Pakistan would celebrate if the grand alliance won the battle, he recalled his counter-claim that the celebrations would break out in India when the NDA loses and added that his stand had been vindicated.

“This is a rejection of Prime Minister Modi, his arrogance and his policies. He made false promises and now he stands exposed. It’s a great victory for the people of Bihar and the nation’s democratic, secular and progressive forces,” Sharma said.

He further accused the Prime Minister of lowering the dignity of political discourse and his office during his campaign, while dragging the narrative to a new low in his speeches which embarrassed the country.

“He is the Prime Minister, but he is not prime ministerial in his conduct and language,” Sharma added.

Senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge also rebuked Prime Minister Modi for using foul language for the local leaders in Bihar.

“The behaviour of the Central Government, the BJP and their arrogance contributed to this win. The Centre remains one-sided and their false promises were also a major contribution,” Kharge told ANI.

Speaking to the reporters amid celebrations, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala also congratulated the mahagathbandhan and thanked the people of Bihar.

“This result has shown that the days of false promises are over and a new era is here. A new light of development had lit on every street in Bihar,” he said.

Applause and wishes poured in for Janata Dal (United) leader Nitish Kumar today following the grand alliance’s clinical win in the Bihar Assembly elections.

The BJP, however, put up a brave face and accepted the people’s mandate as Prime Minister Modi and party president Amit Shah congratulated Nitish. (ANI)