Congress expresses caution over India moving ICJ on Jadhav

New Delhi: The Congress party on Wednesday said that approaching the International Court of Justice on the issue of Kulbhushan Jadhav might expose India to the “risk” of Pakistan raising issues internationally and stressed that issues must be solved bilaterally.

“First, it is very important for the government to take steps to bring back Jadhav. But the point is has India been exposed to any kind of risk because it also allows Pakistanis to move the ICJ and raise issues,” said Congress spokesperson Ajoy Kumar.

“Does it ever give Pakistan the right to question, and if that is what they are looking for to internationalise this issue, then India has to be careful about this,” he added.

He further said: “Earlier, all issues used to be solved bilaterally because we always believed that issues involving India and Pakistan are a bilateral issue.

He said the government was coming up with new methods on Kashmir and added that internal security cannot be managed by such steps. “The government needs to have a strategy.”

“The best resolution between India and Pakistan can be discussed at bilateral level all the times irrespective of however intransigent and badly behaved Pakistan is,” said Kumar.

He also asked if the government has thought through all the ramifications of its move on approaching the ICJ.

“It is for them to answer. We will be happy if it has a positive outcome with no other ramifications. New cycles can be detrimental to India’s security,” he added.