Congress does not want poor out of poverty: Javadekar

New Delhi: Human Resource Development Minister and BJP leader Prakash Javadekar on Friday accused the Congress of doing politics against the poor by not bringing them out of the clutches of poverty unlike the Narendra Modi-led government which empower them and look at them as partners in progress of the country.

“Congress politics is about not removing poverty and not bringing poor people out of the clutches of poverty. There was no holistic thinking in Congress. They do politics of entitlement, our’s is politics of empowerment,” Javadekar said at the BJP National Convention held at Ramlila Maidan.

The Minister said the party didn’t look at the poor only as vote bank but as “the partners in progress of the country”.

“We believe that progress will not complete till every section of the society joins it. Therefore, we need empowerment. And we are giving all opportunities to poor what they need. They get everything but they don’t get the opportunity. So, the opportunity is our thrust area. That is the difference between the poverty programmes of Congress and the BJP,” he said.

“Only we did the work to remove poverty. We got very good benefit of this empowerment. Not only the poor people got the benefit of Ujjwala Scheme, Health Scheme, Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana Scheme as well as other schemes run by Modi government, they also got the opportunity to show what they can do in their lives. This is the difference. Over 25 crore people got the benefit of the government schemes,” he added.