Congress demands details of Gadkari’s daughter’s wedding costs to be made public

New Delhi: Congress on Monday alleged crores were spent on the wedding of Union minister Nitin Gadkari’s daughter and demanded BJP should make public details of expenses made.

Terming the wedding as extravagant, Congress spokesperson Gaurav Gogoi wondered whether such kind of ostentation fits into Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s precedent of transparency by revealing bank details of its members and MLAs post demonetization. “The Congress party demands for the sake of transparency that BJP leaders explain where this money spent in weddings had come from and how this money has been spent, how much in cash and how much in cheques. We are demanding because the Prime Minister in his recent political meeting took a precedent of showing transparency by revealing the details of its members and MLAs as well,” he said. “Why don’t you reveal details of expenses at these weddings as well. Since it is the government which has set the rules of Rs 2.5 lakh for weddings, why doesn’t the government tell its ministers and MPs that this is the time not for extravaganza and ostentatious display of wealth,” he asked.

Gogoi also alleged that it shows the “wide disconnect” between the BJP and the people of the country. “It also shows there is one law for the rest of the country and the prime minister has set aside a different law for BJP leaders,” he said. “The people of India are hurt by the insensitive and ostentatious display of wealth and they will reply in due course of time,” he said.

The MP from Assam said the onus is on the government to show sensitivity towards the poor, who are struggling with Rs 2.5 lakh to carry out the weddings in their families. He said the Prime Minister had given the message that meetings should not be held at hotels, yet such 5-star venues and hotels have been booked by BJP leaders at a time when people are struggling to pay vendors. “I think it is extremely ostentatious, extravagant, insensitive and is a mockery of the struggle that the poor is going through,” he said.

After these remarks, Gogoi faced some ticklish questions on the lavish wedding of a senior party leader from Kerala. When asked if his party would also ask the leader to make the expenses public, he suggested that the BJP should first walk the talk. Gogoi said this is the season of weddings when there is joy and happiness among people, but their dreams have been dashed by Prime Minister’s demonetization announcement.