Congress corners PM Modi, says Diwali is more like ‘Diwala’ this year

New Delhi: The Congress”Congress on Sunday mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement of ‘Diwali coming early’ after the decisions taken by the Goods and Service Tax (GST) Council, stating that Diwali is more like a ‘Diwala‘ (bankruptcy) this year for the people of the country.

Prime Minister Modi yesterday had asserted that Diwali, the ‘festival of lights,’ has come early for citizens due to the latest decisions taken by the GST Council.

While speaking to ANI, senior Congress”>Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit said, “Prime Minister Modi has made a mistake by saying that ‘Diwali’ has come early for citizens; it more of a ‘Diwala’ (bankruptcy) that has hit the country. Even if he compares the GST reforms to any other festival, it won’t change the current state of the people. The commoners are still going to be in the same state of distress. This government has ruined the hope for its people and will continue to do so”.

Echoing similar views, another Congress”>Congress spokesperson Ajoy Kumar stated that the moment the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is abolished, the country will celebrate true Diwali.

“Prime Minister Modi is someone who only thinks for the rich class or businessmen, not for the middle or lower middle class. The GST reform is a true example to my earlier statement. The country will celebrate true Diwali the day when the BJP and its rule takes off from the country,” he said.

This statement comes after Prime Minister Modi, while addressing a public rally in Dwarka, said, “Diwali has come early for our citizens due to the decisions taken in the GST Council. We had said we will study all aspects relating to GST for three months, including shortcomings. And thus, the decisions were taken with consensus at the GST Council.”

He also said, “When there is trust in a government, and when policies are made with the best of intentions, it is natural for people to support for the best interests of the nation. The common citizen of India wants the fruits of development to reach him or her. Nobody wants their children to live in poverty. We want to help our people fulfill that dream and we want to fight poverty.” (ANI)