Congress considers middle class greedy, selfish: PM Modi

Nanded (Maharastra): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday accused the Congress party of planning to burden the middle class with more taxes to fund its poll manifesto promise, which he said offered nothing to the middle class.
Termed the Congress manifesto as ‘dakosla patra’ (fraud document), Modi said: “The NDA government’s decision of waiving income tax up to Rs 5 lakh has brought numerous benefits to the middle class. Congress has clarified that they consider the country’s middle class greedy and selfish and therefore they talk about putting the burden of tax on the middle class. So much tax that it will create problems for the middle class, the Prime Minister said while addressing an election rally here.

Stating that the middle class is the biggest power to run the country, the Prime Minister urged people to be “alert as a watchman” as whenever the Congress is faced with a crisis it makes false promises and then becomes Gajni (a movie character who suffers from memory loss).

Modi’s comments come in an apparent reference to Congress’ ambitious minimum income support guarantee scheme Nyantam Aay Yojana (NYAY).

The Congress in its manifesto has promised to give Rs 72,000 per year to the 20 per cent of India’s poorest under its minimum income scheme NYAY if his party comes to power.

Launching a scathing attack on National Conference leaders, Modi said: “Congress and its allies want two Prime Ministers – one at Delhi while other at Jammu and Kashmir. Mahagathbandhan allies former CM Umar Abdullah and his father Farooq Abdullah openly say that the country will have two Prime Ministers.”

Speaking at a rally, Abdullah had said: “Rest of the princely states merged with the country without condition but we had said that we will have our own identity, our own constitution. We had our own “‘Sadar-e-Riyasat (President)” and “Wazir-e-Azam (Prime Minister)” too. By God’s grace, we will bring that back.”

The Prime Minister also accused the Congress party of engaging in corruption in defence deals of the country.
“Not only terrorism, but it is the Congress that promotes corruption in the country. Particularly those linked to the army, they are very much like the brokerage in the country’s security-related work. The bigger the deal, the more the cream. From the jeep scandal to the brokerage of Bofors and helicopters, they have flown very well,” Modi said.

“Naamdars helped Michel mama of Italy in escaping. Chowkidar has brought him and his allies from Dubai. In the charge sheet, he has revealed who was involved in corruption.”

Modi attacked Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow in Kerala after the Congress President filed his nomination for Wayanad Lok Sabha seat.

Modi also said that Congress president Rahul Gandhi has opted for a second seat where the “majority community is in a minority”.

“People anger has made Congress disturbed. ‘Naamdar’ (dynast) has found a seat using his microscope where he would be able to fight. A seat where the country’s majority is in minority. The fight is such that he won’t say anything against their opponents. Amethi people should remember this insult,” he said.

“Social media images of his rally. It was difficult to notice the Congress flag as per images on social media when ‘naamdar’ did a road show. The condition of the Congress is like the Titanic ship, they are all drowning with a new day.”

Modi further said: “Everyone who was sitting in the ship with the Congress, as the NCP, is either drowning himself or rising up and running away.”

As per the seat-sharing arrangement, the Congress party and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) are fighting on 24 and 20 seats respectively out of 48 Lok Sabha seats in Maharastra.