Congress Chief Rahul’s increasing followers list after the recent victory

New Delhi: The recent win in Assembly elections in three BJP dominant states has transformed Congress Supremo’s image in politics against the past speculations and controversies of his capabilities of running a nation.

This huge success paved a way for Rahul Gandhi to come to power hopefully this time as the nation’s PM.

Interestingly fame follows the one who is emerging as a successful personality.

This was witnessed too with a noticeable spike in interest in Congress supremo with as many as 2.10 lakh twitteratis joining his follower’s list in the past 20 days ever since Congress’s sudden emergence in the political scenario, TOI reports.

According to the figures, Rahul’s follower count was around 7.90 million before the results to polls in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh on December 11 and now it has increased to 8.17 million on December 30 and this changing trend in the political scenario now seems to be a constant one.

While experts believe this rise in the Twitter following is normal given social media that represents popular sentiment which is influenced by political performance and trends.