Congress backs Omar, says Kashmir unrest not a ‘law and order’ issue

New Delhi: Coming out in support of National Conference (NC) chief Omar Abdullah for saying that the problem in the Valley is a political one and cannot be handled administratively, the Congress on Sunday said it would be wrong to consider the Kashmir unrest a matter of ‘law and order’.

Speaking to ANI, Congress leader Meem Afzal said all the opposition parties in the Parliament stood firm with Abdullah’s statement.

“If you think the issue of Jammu and Kashmir is a law and order matter, then you are wrong. Kashmir is not an issue of law and order. It is a political issue and we should see how to progress with a solution,” he added.

Escalating his attack on the Centre, Afzal said if Pakistan is involved in the Kashmir unrest, what the government is doing to tackle the situation.

“When we tell this to the government, it says Pakistan is involved in it. If Pakistan is involved in it, then what is the government, our Home Ministry and our Army doing? The people will ask if Pakistan is sponsoring it then why aren’t you stopping it. The government should understand its responsibility,” he added.

Omar yesterday led a delegation to President Pranab Mukherjee in the national capital and submitted a memorandum requesting the latter to get the Government of India to acknowledge that the root cause of what is happening in the Valley, lies in the politics of Jammu and Kashmir, and the solution also must be found politically, not administratively and not through the use of force.

Omar said their meeting with the President, which cuts across party lines, symbolised the deep concerns that they have for the prevailing situation and also their disappointment at the way the matter has sought to be handled, both by the Centre as well as the state government.

Further stating that it was ridiculous to blame Pakistan completely for the Kashmir unrest, he added that Islamabad was partially responsible in fanning the flames, but they were not solely to blame. (ANI)