Congress asks 10 questions to Modi

New Delhi: Describing the interview of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a ‘monologue’, the Congress has asked 10 questions to Prime Minister
1. Where have the Rs 15 lakh gone which were to be deposited in every citizen’s account?
2. What happened to the black money which you had promised to bring back?
3. What happened to 2 Cr jobs every year?
4. What happened to the promise of easing tax?
5. Note ban proved a disaster, 120 lives were lost… what happened to the promise of cleaning the economy?
6. What about the promise of eliminating terrorism?
7. Why the issue of Naxalism not solved?
8. Why JPC enquiry on Rafale is avoided?
9. Was the Ganges completely cleaned?
10. 100 smart cities were promised… How many were made?