Congress accuses PM Modi of giving lip service to the public

New Delhi, Sept.18 : The Congress Party on Friday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of giving only lip service to the people in his speeches.

“We are a responsible opposition and we will raise question on the works that has not been done till now,” Congress leader Rashid Alvi said.

“PM Modi wasn’t bothered about Varanasi. Why did he visit Varanasi just before the elections?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Meem Afzal called Prime Minister Modi as PPM ‘Propaganda Pradhan Mantri’ as he is making propaganda out of everything.

“Initially, Prime Minister Modi said positive sentences about previous governments in his speeches, Now, he is again changing statements, which are wrong,” he added.

Addressing his parliamentary constituency of Varanasi, Prime Minister Modi today stressed that the main focus of the Centre was figuring out how to make the ‘poor’ population of India as ‘self reliant’ and teaching them life saving skills. (ANI)