Cong slams Kejriwal for attacking Sonia, demands list of ‘sacked’ AAP leaders

New Delhi : Hitting out at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for launching a tirade against Congress president Sonia Gandhi, the grand old called on the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Chief to list out the names of the party who had been sacked in the past year for various cases of wrongdoings.

“I think it is bit of an oxymoron, the AAP should come out with a white paper, how many of their ministers were sacked by the Chief Minister on alleged charged of malfeasance and wrongdoings in the past one year,” Congress leader Manish Tewari told ANI.

Asserting that since several AAP MLAs are facing very serious criminal cases, he said that it would only be prudent if Kejriwal first put the affairs of his own house in order.

“They need to tell the people of Delhi that how many of their ministers were sacked in the past one year, what are the charges against them, why they had to leave their posts and how many of their MLA s are facing heinous criminal charges in terms of the provision of the IPC criminal procedure code,” Tewari said.

Earlier today, asserting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was afraid of Sonia as she knew a lot about the many ‘scams and scandals’ that the former was involved him, Kejriwal came out guns blazing against the Congress Chief, calling for her arrest and demanded that she be grilled for at least two days in connection with the AgustaWestland case.

Asserting that Sonia and Congress leader Ahmad Patel’s names had showed up in the report by the Italian government among other names from the grand old party, Kejriwal said that despite all evidence present Modi does not have the guts to take action against the Congress Chief and have her grilled.

Accusing the Congress and the Prime Minister of being in cahoots, he alleged that in the 10 years that the UPA govt ruled, they managed to gather a lot of dirt of Modi and on all his scams, which is why he was tight lipped, as he knew that if Sonia was implicated, then his secrets would spill out as well.

Questioning Sonia and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi of not raising their voice or even showing the slightest interest in Modi’s alleged degree scandal, he added that there was a deal or some sort of ‘setting’ between the two leaders. (ANI)