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Cong. raps MIM in its handbill

Cong. raps MIM in its handbill

Congress has taken rough stand against its previous ally MIM, during GHMC election campaign. Leader of opposition in Telangana legislative council Mohammed Ali Shabbir is leading the tough campaign launched by Congress against MIM. M A Shabbir has asked several tough questions to MIM which have baffled the party leadership.

He has asked MIM what it has done during 20 years of its dominance in Municipal Corporation. People of Hyderabad elected 6 mayors of MIM but despite ruling GHMC for 20 years MIM didn’t resolve problems of old city. Problems like poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, power and water supply, road, garbage, nalas, evils of interest, dark streets and a number of problems remained as they were, while the leaders of MIM raked in money.

Mr. Shabbir further asked why there is so much difference between new city and old city. Congress leaders felt that the difference is of representation only. Where leaders prefer personal gains people will have to suffer.

He appealed the voters to vote for Congress which he claims works for the development and prosperity of people.

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