Cong Posers to Modi on Center’s Failures

Telangana Congress party affairs in-charge RC Kuntia has alleged that there was no security to the SCs and STs during the last four year rule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Kuntia demanded the Prime Minister to tell as to how many jobs it offered to the youth.

Speaking to the media here on Saturday, Kuntia lamented that youth have lost their jobs due to GST and demonetisation of big currency notes. The education system has been corporatized in BJP rule, he said. The Prime Minister assured before the elections that they will bring back black money stalked in foreign countries and deposit Rs.15 lakh each in Jan Dhan accounts, but he utterly failed in this regard, he slammed. Alleging that the Modi government was increasing prices of petrol and diesel indiscriminately, Kuntia said that the government was burdening the people hugely though the barrel rate was very low at present. People have lacked security in BJP rule, he claimed and asked the BJP government to tell as to why the people and security forces of the nation were losing their lives if the government conducted surgical strikes.

Questioning the Modi government to explain on farmers’ suicides, Kuntia asked it to tell as to why he failed to bring the petrol and diesel under the purview of the GST. The Modi government was destroying social justice, he flayed and said that the Congress party was waging movements for the last four years against the atrocities of BJP government.

Stating that the Congress party was the only alternative to TRS party, Kuntia exuded confidence that the Congress party will come to power in Telangana state. He also stated that they will see the end of Modi’s betrayal rule, under the leadership of AICC Chief Rahul Gandhi. (NSS)