Cong MP supports all-India ban on cow slaughter

A Congress MP today favoured all-India ban on cow slaughter even as he asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to crack the whip on those fanning communal passion, including Union minister Mahesh Sharma.

“Who consumes beef? Poor people, not the rich ones. If you provide poor people high-protein food, they won’t eat beef.

“…However, I am opposed to cow slaughter. Decision to ban cow slaughter (in state like Maharashtra) is a right move. It should be extended to all India, is my opinion.

“Sentiments of Hindus are attached to cow and it is wrong to hurt sentiments of any society. I extend all the support to ban on cow slaughter,” Rajya Sabha member Hussain Dalwai said.

He was speaking on the sidelines of a press briefing, where he was accompanied by social activist Swami Agnivesh.

“It has created a “very bad” situation wherein threat is being posed to country’s integrity. BJP leaders are making “divisive and intolerant” statements and the government should intervene,” Dalwai said.

Referring to National Commission for Minorities (NCM) report terming September 28 Dadri lynching incident as a “pre-meditated” episode, Agnivesh asked Modi to sack Sharma, who had termed the incident as an “accident”.

“Their Union Cultural Minister had said the incident was an accident, and not pre-planned. But the official report (by NCM) says it was pre-planned. Now that officially it is being said it was a well-thought out plan, the Prime Minister should sack the minister,” he demanded.