Cong. making inroads in MIM strongholds?

Congress party has succeeded in making inroads into the MIM stronghold during greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation poll campaign, which has made MIM leadership jittery. For the past 30 years the ruling parties didn’t pay attention towards old city areas as they were in alliance with local party. The party in power had always compromised with the development of old city. Similarly Congress party also ignored old city areas.

But now for the first time Congress party has challenged MIM in old city areas in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation elections and is making inroads in MIM strongholds. Congress contesting the elections with all might has, on one hand heated the political environment in old city and on the other it has unnerved the MIM leadership. MIM and Congress will have tough fight in atleast 15 wards in old city including Barkas, Chandrayangutta, Chanchalam, Doodh Bowli, Shah Ali Banda, Puranapul, Ghansi Bazar, Dabeerpura, Gowlipura, I S Sadan and Santosh Nagar.

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