Cong leader compares PM Modi to Hitler

New Delhi: Training guns at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress leader Sushil Kumar Shinde on Thursday compared the former to German dictator Adolf Hitler.

Shinde, who has also served as the Union Home Minister during UPA regime said, “Does he listen to anyone? He listens to himself. He sacked CBI director at night, he imposed demonetisation. Isn’t this dictatorship? Did he ask anyone? Did he ask Finance Minister or Reserve Bank of India Governor? No, he just felt like it so he did it. It’s exactly what dictatorship is.”

Talking further about an incident from Solapur Concerning Congress workers, he added, “What else is he(Prime Minister)if not Hitler? Demonstrations have always been held in a democracy but it’s a first where it (Congress workers allegedly thrashed by police in Solapur ) was done after instructing police. He works like Putin (Russian Pres). He’s a dictator.”

Earlier, Shinder had accused the Prime Minister of not giving due credit to the Constitution and democratic system of the country for making it possible for a tea seller to become the Prime Minister.

Shinde had said, “You have heard countless times how a tea seller became the Prime Minister. But please take note that our Prime Minister rarely gives credit to our democratic system or the Constitution that has made this possible.”