Cong. hits out at Pak over Jadhav’s new video

New Delhi [India]: Hours after Pakistan released a video of Indian Naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav, the Congress party on Thursday hit out at Islamabad saying that a civilized state can never indulge in such behaviour.

In a bid to show India in poor light, Pakistan’s Foreign Office earlier in the day released a video of Jadhav in which he is seen talking about his meeting with his mother and wife.

Speaking to ANI, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said, “This is very disappointing. This is not the way in which diplomacy should be conducted. This is cruel, and inhuman and not decent behaviour. A civilized state can never indulge in such behaviour.”

He further said that Pakistan is misusing Jadhav in a ridiculous way.

In the new video, Jadhav allegedly expressed his ire against the Indian diplomat which escorted his kin to Pakistan, while saying that the latter yelled at his mother when she and his wife visited the foreign office in Islamabad to meet him.

“I saw fear in the eyes of my mother and wife. Why should there be fear? Whatever has happened has happened. They felt threatened. The Indian diplomat who had come along with my mother was shouting the moment she stepped out. I saw him shouting, yelling at her. This [meeting] was a positive gesture, so that she (my mother) could be happy and I could be happy,” Jadhav said in the video.

He also thanked Pakistani officials for arranging the meeting while saying that Islamabad is taking care of him.

“I said don’t worry Mummy. They (Pakistan) are taking care of me, they have not touched me. She believed me once, she saw me personally,” he was heard, as saying in the video.

A meeting took place between Jadhav and his family on December 25 in Islamabad, on the request of the Indian government. (ANI)