Cong hails Modi’s remarks on terrorism, says PM should expose Pak

New Delhi: The Congress on Thursday hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks on terrorism and said that he should expose Pakistan every time he gets an opportunity, as the estranged neighbour has been a very old culprit as far as promoting terrorism is concerned.

Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit told ANI that India should bring in to light Pakistan’s malicious deeds every time possible, as now many other countries are getting affected.

“I believe that Prime Minister should use every opportunity to expose what Pakistan is doing on India and now that many other countries are getting effected they must also realise that there are state actors across the world who are indulging in these kinds of activities and Pakistan has been a very old culprit as far as promoting terrorism is concerned,” he said.

In the backdrop of terror attacks that claimed many lives in Brussels, Prime Minister Modi yesterday while addressing the Indian diaspora in Belgium, highlighted the dangers posed by terrorism to the world.

Underlining that terrorism needs to be delinked from religion, Modi also said that the menace posed challenge to humanity and those believing in humanity should collectively fight it. (ANI)