Cong gifted expensive cars to T MLAs

Hyderabad, October 31: Congress party appears to be offering all kinds of expensive gifts to its Telangana MLAs to ensure that they do not leave the party. An English newspaper has today published a report that 15 young MLAs of the party from Telangana were gifted high end SUVs a few days ago when they threatened to leave the party.

The cost of the Toyota Fortuner vehicle gifted to each of them is a whopping Rs. 25 lakhs, the report said. This report supports the earlier charges made against the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy that he had paid several T MLAs Rs. 25 lakhs to prevent them from leaving the party.

Though the Chief Minister himself had not denied the report, several of his supporters did. Now an reputed newspaper has published the report about gifting of expensive cars. What would be the reaction of the party and the Chief Minister to this allegation is to be watched.