Cong attacks PM on foreign trips

New Delhi: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi commenced his US visit, Congress today made a stinging attack dubbing him as an “NRI PM” for undertaking 29 trips in 15 months and questioned as to what India has achieved from them.

“What is the outcome of PM trips abroad? …. Almost 200 crore of public money have been spent on PM’s trip abroad, what is the result of these visits”, party’s chief spokesman Randeep Surjewala told reporters.

Noting that this was “29th trip of our NRI PM abroad” Surjewala insisted that Modi has spent 3.5 months outside India out of the 15 months in power.

“Our NRI PM has gone again on a foreign trip for self promotion and selfies,” he wondered as to what India has achieved from these visits and where the promised billions of dollars of investments would come.

He noted that the Prime Minister went to Japan and promised 3.5 billion dollars of investments while his China visit had seen promises of 10 billion dollars of investment.

“Where has that investment come?”, he asked.

Similar was the story as regards the Prime Minister’s visit to UAE where hundreds of dollars of investment was promised, Surjewala said wondering as to what has happened to that investment.

He insisted that the Prime Minister’s visits should be based on results. He said that India has “lost” two cases in the World Trade Organisation since Modi came to power.