Cong attacks PM for “disappointing” address

New Delhi: Hitting out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “lacklustre” address to the nation on demonetisation, Congress today called him a merchant of “false promises”, saying he totally failed to show any sensitivity to people’s pain as no relief from financial restrictions was announced as expected.

Congress Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala also wondered why the Prime Minister did not mention how many “lakhs of crores” in black money and fake currencies the government managed to wipe out through demonetisation in the last 50 days.

He said though crores of people were reeling under “severe difficulties and pain” and large number of them lost their jobs, Modi did not talk about any roadmap for them, showing his “insensitivity”.

“The Prime Minister’s so called cleansing drive took 125 lives of innocent Indians and put crores of people in severe difficulties. But Modi did not uttter a single word for those who died. This is reflection of his insensitivity to the people’s pain,” Surjewala said.

Attacking Modi for not lifting restrictions on withdrwals even after the 50-day period, the Congress spokesperson said the PM only believes in “hitting headlines and giving no deadlines”.

“The entire country was listening with curosity that the Prime Minister will lift the restrictions on withdrwal of their hard earned money from banks. But people will still have to reel under this economic anarchy.

“The Prime Minister said it will take time to improve the banking system in the new year. It means he belives in hitting headlines and not giving deadlines,” he said.

Calling demonetisation an economic anarchy, Surjewala said said the Prime Minister did not answer crucial questions even though the move paralysed the economy.

“Mr Prime Minister, people wanted to know how many lakhs of crores of black money did you wipe out in the last 50 days? Why didn’t you speak about it,” he asked.

Surjewala said, “We are disappointed with PM’s speech as many questions were left unanswered. His decision paralyzed economy; country can’t run this way. How will you bring the country onto the growth path once again.”

Coming down hard on the Prime Minister, Surjewala said demonetisation has taken away the jobs, hit the farmers and traders and made life difficult for every section of the society but there was no word of relief for them in PM’s address.

“Who benefited from the demonetisation. Only a handful of 50 people who are Modiji’s friend. This is why he said yesterday that the deposits of the people in the banks would be used for strengthening banking system and infrastructure,” he said.

The Congress Spokesperson said National Food Security Act already has special focus on women and entitles them to receive “maternity benefit of not less than Rs 6,000 and that there was nothing new in PM’s announcement of the financial assistance for them.