Its confirmed: Amir Khan reunited with pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom

NEW DELHI: After an ugly Twitter row, Bolton boxer Amir Khan has revealed he is back with pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom.

The boxing champ on Saturday tweeted a sweet photograph of the couple in each other’s arms with the caption: “With my 4 month pregnant wife, after sorting out all the issues. Closing the year with a happy ending @faryalmakhdoom” ending the tweet with a prayer emoji.

The adorable picture shows Khan with his arms wrapped around his pregnant wife, who looks cosy wearing festive leggings and socks.

The reconciliation of the turbulent couple follows weeks of bitter accusations, high-profile drama played out over Twitter.

Faryal’s last comments posted on Twitter spoke of hopes for reconciliation. In a lengthy statement, the 26-year-old tweeted the statement of apology to her 180,000 followers: “As you know, the past three months have been really tough on me and my marriage.

“Matters haven’t been helped by the fact that my husband has been out of the ring for quite some time… it’s been very stressful for us as a couple, and a family.

“I now recognise that all this infighting between me and my in laws has had a terrible effect on my husband and I… and for that I would like to sincerely apologise.

“My mother and father in law are the elders of our family and as such deserve love and respect just as my own parents do. I’ve said things in the past out of anger… I didn’t really mean and regret now.

“My daughter and unborn child do not deserve a broken home. That is why I have decided that it is time to put our differences behind us, and start afresh.

“All families go through hard times. It is unfortunate for us that our difficulties were played out so publicly. I also apologise for my part in that.

“We all make mistakes; we are only human after all.”

Friends of Khan were quick to comment on his reunion update.

“Best of luck amir. You both make a wonderful couple. Almighty Allah may bless you both with happy life ahead.”