Confident about my death bowling skills, says Adil Rashid

St Lucia: England’s leg-spinner Adil Rashid has found a new role in the English Cricket team as he has been entrusted with bowling the death overs in the ongoing series against Windies.

“I have got my game plans and confidence knowing that if I do bowl at the death, I look at it as a chance to get three or four wickets rather than getting hit, if I get thrown the ball now, I am definitely confident about it,” International Cricket Council(ICC) quoted Rashid as saying.

“There may be days when you get smashed for sixes but it is about having the confidence and belief that it only takes a miscue for you to get them out and it can start rolling from there. My mindset is definitely to try to create chances and get wickets. If there is a risk of going for six, six, six and then wicket, that is the job I
have to do,” he said.

Adil Rashid was the game changer for England in the fourth ODI of the five-match series against Windies as he was able to pick up four wickets in five balls in the 48th over to enable his team to win the match.

The 31-year-old credited captain of England cricket team, Eoin Morgan for his success.

“It comes from experience, from playing under the same captain for four years. It is him knowing your strengths, what you are capable of doing, giving you the confidence and backing in difficult situations,” Rashid said.

“Even in overs before, if you have been hit, it is him throwing you the ball again and again. As a bowler it gives me the confidence, knowing my captain is 100 per cent behind me.

“We [the bowlers] all have that respect for Morgan. A lot of credit goes to how he handles the situation and looks after the bowlers … Morgan in the past four years has been really good with myself and the other bowlers.”

England would look to win the final match of the five-match series and take the series 3-1.

England takes on Windies in the fifth and final ODI on March 2.