Confession of pre-marital affairs by the girl led to “Talaq”

Uttar Pradesh:  Aslam, a resident of Palia road divorced his wife after forcing her to confess about her pre marital affairs.

Girl a resident of Nighasan was married to Aslam two years ago. On Monday, during a causual talk between the couple, Aslam asked his wife to reveal her pre marital relation if any.

The girl initially tried to skip the question but Aslam insisted to make a confession about her relationships, following which she confessed that she had illicit relationship with a boy before her marriage.

Immediately after this confession, Aslam divorced her and refused to revise his decision of divorce.

When the matter was referred to village Panchayat members, they persuaded the girl to take back her confession statement, when she refused they decided to confirm Aslam’s decision and asked the girl to go back to her parent’s house.