Conference on Kashmir Shaivism from tomorrow in Jammu

Jammu: Seven top scholars will deliver lectures on Kashmir Shaivism during a two-day conference from tomorrow here.

Ishwar Ashram Trust (IAT) is holding the seminar on Kashmir Shaivism here on Saturday and Sunday to discuss various topics related to Self Realisation from the perspective of Kashmir Shaivism, its secretary I K Raina said.

“Kashmir Shaivism is a unique philosophy that has flourished and propagated in Kashmir for a long time,” he said.

Experts like S M Mishra, Varun Tripathi, R K Angiras, M L Kikloo, Hari Ram Mishra, Ajay Kumar Singh and P N Koul will address the conference.

A special paper authored by top most Shaivite scholar Dr Mark Dyckowsky on Abhinavaguptas exegesis of Trikasaivism will be presented, Raina said.