Condoleezza Rice highlights US missile strength, blames Russia to influence US elections

New York [USA]: Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Saturday mocked at Russian President Vladimir Putin over the latter’s claims about the nuclear strength of Russia during an interview with a weekender show Fox and Friends.

Putin on Thursday, while delivering an annual address, showcased an animated presentation depicting various Russian nuclear missiles dropping across the border between the Pacific Ocean and the United States.

Putin added that Washington D.C. had “completely failed” to decipher Moscow’s nuclear might seriously or to adequately negotiate arms control.

Rice called the claims by the Russian government as ‘absurd’ and further suggested that Putin’s address does not reflect any new threats to US, as according to Fox News.

She further clarified that the nuclear missile program of US is directed towards Iran and North Korea and not Russia.

Further highlighting upon the US sanctions strategy, Rice touted them as very effective. She justified the sanctions by saying, “the reach of United States is very broad, so when you’re listed by the United States, it really has an effect on what you can and cannot do”.

Rice further cautioned against the use of sanctions against Russia, which should be anti-Putin (President Vladimir Putin) and pro-Russia.

Rice further criticised Russia for meddling in the US presidential elections of 2016.

According to an NBC news report, it quoted a US official as saying that an analysis requested by former President Obama in the last weeks of his administration showed Russia breached voter sites or registration systems in those states.

Rice said on Fox and Friends, “The American people are ready to move on”.

Earlier, on ABC’s show The View, Condoleezza Rice discussed with Adam Schiff who is her counterpart in probing the Russian interference in the US elections regarding the issue.

She said, “Everyone needs to know what did Russia do and did they do it” in reference to the claims of Russia boycotting the US elections.

Earlier on Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security denied any such reports of Russian operatives to penetrate into the websites and databases of Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Texas and Wisconsin ahead of the 2016 presidential election. (ANI)