Con woman who married 5, held

Hyderabad, June 30: A con woman, who has cheated at least five men and started blackmailing after getting married to them was arrested by the CID police here on Thursday.

According to the police, Deepti alias Deepti Reddy, the 25-year-old woman used to cheat men for money to live a luxurious life. They said she used to display her photograph as a bride wanting to get married on line. Of the applications, she used to pick up a rich person and get married. After squeezing enough money from the man, she used to leave him and once again display her photograph on line. Like this, she has married five persons.

Police are verifying whether Deepti has cheated only the five persons she has married or if there were other victims she had blackmailed without getting married. Police suspect that she has two children and are trying to trace them. Police said Deepti has been in the habit of cheating people right from the age of 15. Police acted on complaints from her victims and laid a trap and succeeded in arresting her.