Complete pending project works : Harish

Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao today directed the officials to complete the pending works on a war-footing as waters from Almatti and Narayanpur are all set to reach projects inMahabubnagar district in two or three days.

At a high level review meeting at Secretariat here on Sunday, Harish said rather tersely that officials should “Do or Die” and work day and night as there is no other go and only to speed up the works of the projects in Palamur. The minister said that Jurala, Bheema, Nettempadu, Kalwakurty and Koilsagar schemes should be ready to give waters to crops and any negligence or delay will be dealt with seriously. To keep Chief Mminister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s promise made in the Assembly to give waters to crops this season in Mahabubnagar district the officials should work expeditiously he said. Land acquisition should be done in coordination with MPs, MLAs to overcome bottlenecks if any he said. There is no other go except to expedite the works related to repairs of distributaries, field channels he said.

He also directed the joint collector to conduct wide ranging publicity using auto rickshaws about reservoirs getting waters from Almatti through Krishna, he said. Stating that works bills being released immediately for completed works, Harish said that 60 per cent of bills will not be released for incomplete works as per GO 146. The Government gives top priority to ongoing projects in the district he added. (NSS)