Complete MB works by May 31: CS

Chief Secretary SK Joshi today directed officials concerned to ensure bulk supply of Mission Bhagiratha drinking water to every household in the villages by May 31. For this, the related intra-grid works have to be expedited with perfect plan of action, Joshi asked the RWS Engineers during a review meeting at Secretariat here.

Mission Bhagiratha is a prestigious project being continuously monitored by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and priority should be given to the works for completion. Works of intra-grid have to be speeded up as also for OHSR structures with selection of lands 100 per cent grounding should be done in districts, he said. Active coordination among the departments for the prestigious drinking water program through taps at every household, SK Joshi said. He directed the officials to submit report on procuring material in districts to ENC.

Joshi also said that information of integrated works, bulk supply, districts and villages should be sent to ENC. The officials informed that trial runs for bulk supply of materials in districts were completed and ready for execution. (NSS)