Complaint lodged with police to prevent mischief by land grabbers on Pahadi Mir Mahmood Waqf land

Hyderabad: After the successful attempt to protect Waqf land of Pahadi Mir Mahmood, the Waqf Board has lodged complaint with Rajendranagar police to prevent any action by land grabbers. Following the judgment of Telangana Waqf Tribunal in favour of Waqf Board unauthorised constructions were removed yesterday night with the help of police. Some anti-social elements and their supporters tried to intervene however presence of police prevented them from taking any action.

It is said that a person belonging to land mafia threatened JCB machine driver and forced him to return. On receipt of information Waqf Board officials lodged an FIR against the anti-social elements.

It must be recalled that unauthorised constructions were continued on 16 acre Waqf land of Mir Mahmood Pahadi for the past 10 days and a temporary shed was erected.

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