Complaint lodged against Jet Airways

Mumbai: A complaint has been lodged against Jet Airways and its staff at Sahar Police Station here, a day after a Jaipur-bound flight of the airline was forced to return to Mumbai when several passengers suffered from nasal and ear bleeding onboard.

Speaking to ANI, a complainant said, “When I heard of this incident through news stories, I rushed toward airport to verify it. After the enquiry, I was informed that the news was correct. Hence, I dispatched a letter to Sahar Police Station asking them to take action against owners of Jet Airways and staff under relevant sections of Indian Penal Code. It must be investigated whether it was some conspiracy or despite having all the information someone had played a mischief. The public should be made aware of all the facts of this incident.”

Owing responsibility as an Indian citizen, the complainant said, “I was not in that flight but I have travelled many times in Jet Airways. I follow such cases very closely because there was a danger of fatal injury in this case. Hence, it is important for everyone to be active in such cases so that similar incident is not repeated. I demand that police must initiate inquiry and file an FIR in this case,” he added.

As per reports, the complaint against Jet Airways staff and crew members of Mumbai-Jaipur flight No. 9W 0697 has been lodged for alleged dereliction of duties amounting to attempt of murder of travelers on board.

In the incident that occurred on September 20, as many as 30 out of 166 passengers suffered nose and ear bleeding due to the loss of cabin pressure in the flight.