Complaint filed against Aamir Khan after his remarks

Police complaint now been filed against Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan on Tueday.The complaint has been filed by short film and documentary maker Ullhas PR with New Delhi’s Ashok Nagar police.

The complaint filed after his statement that there is a sense of insecurity in the country and that his wife has even suggested leaving India, fearing for the safety of their kids sparks a row.

However, the Police said the complaint had nothing to do with his comments on ‘intolerance’. Ullhas PR lodged a complaint against Aamir for his movie PK, in which the actor referred to policeman with the derogatory term “thulla”.

But, the timing of complaint is contentious and indicates that is politically motivated.

Speaking at the Ramnath Goenka Journalism Awards on Monday, Aamir had said that a sense of “insecurity” has been rising in the nation since the past 6-8 months and the elected representatives have not done enough to curtail it. The ‘perfectionist’ on-screen artist also went on to say that his wife Kiran is repeatedly discussing the idea of leaving the nation.

The celebrities took to Twitter to share their opinion on Aamir’s statement.

He has also come under heavy criticism from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over his remark.

“Country has given him so much love and respect. I am sure he said it in a hurry or maybe under the influence of some politically motivated campaign,” said Abbas Naqvi, BJP leader.

“He should go to places where innocents are killed, to see what intolerance is. Tolerance is in the DNA of this country. Neither is he going anywhere nor will we let him go,” he added.