The Community Institute Of Technology

The Community Institute Of Technology ,Sponsored by International Haven of Practical Education (IHOPE), Inc and managed by the Community Technical Education (CTET), primarily caters to high school students, and other dropout who have not completed a high school education. Having done the market analysis of the automobile service,Community Institute of Technology (CIT) offers Automobile Technology and Computer skills relevant to job market. There is an acute shortage of the trained technicians in the auto service industry . This problem is compounded by the rapid change in automobile popution . The Institute offers Automobile Technology program to the non-traditional students, an updated curriculum with multi-media teching facility . Among the keys to success are the marketing methods, differentiating the Institute’s educational services such as offering remedial training, extraordinary coaching and mentoring, counseling,and placement of the students after internship .

Automobile Technology diploma program is a full time training , 9AM to 4:30PM, six days a week with weekly, monthly and final tests. It is free to all students. The training is offered in three steps over a period of two years:
1. Remedial Courses- Requirements 7th class education and 17 years of age-5 Months term. Student are enrolled in the remedial courses in Technical English, General Math , Physical Sciences, and Engineering Drawing .
2. Automobile Technology Training-Capacity 20 Students, 16 modular course-12 months term. CIT offers Automotive Technology program leading to a diploma. The institute is equipped with a computer lab a multi-media class room, 4 workshops with live models, and 2 service garages with 2 live cars, serving the capacity if 20 students per batch and 2 batches per year . They also learn computer technology for web-based information , diagnostics, and database

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