Communal violence triggers during Janamashtami procession

Azamgarh: Communal Violence in Azamgarh on Sunday is in control after display of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood, arrests of thugs, suspension of Police officers.

There was a Janamashtami procession in Azamgarh city of Uttar Pradesh on the night of 6th September, Sunday. According to locals, this is the first time they saw a juloos or procession for Janamashtami.

They procession had drunk people and they were using foul language as they passed, they calimed.

It was time for Isha prayer, when the juloos was passing Jama Masjid of Azamgarh. There is a madrasa adjoining the Masjid.

When the madrasa students went on the balcony to get a view of the “celebrations”, members in the juloos all of a sudden started pelting stones at the madrasa injuring students. The injured students were sent to District Hospital for medication.

Unaware of the fact that next to Masjid, there lives a Pandit, they hurl stones at his house thinking that some Muslim must be living in a house adjacent to the masjid.
They didn’t spare the Masjid too.

Hindus of the locality, especially Nath-thu Pan wala, rose to the situation and vigilantly controlled the crowd around and the violence.

The calls to the police went unanswered locals informed when Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) arrived, who upon hearing immediately suspended the Kotwal and Darogha.

About 20 culprits have been detained and CCTV footage is being scanned to charge the culprits.
(With inputs from Milli Gazette)