Communal riots in UP village: SDPI demands 20 lakh compensation

Communal riots in UP village: SDPI demands 20 lakh compensation

New Delhi: SDPI National President A Sayeed and team including Adv. Sharafudheen Ahmed, Vice President, SDPI and Mohammed Shafee, General Secretary paid a visit to Gumma Khan Purwa village on Friday where brutal attack was unleashed against Muslim community on 14th of this month.

According to the team, a procession carrying the idol reached Baheliya village near Fakharpur by evening and camped in front of the Masjid of the village.

The mob consisting of about 800 persons started shouting and pelting stone on the masjid and adjacent Makhaba.

Meanwhile Omkar Nath Chorasiya, a Zilla Parishad member of BJP asked the mob to put the 41 hutments on fire.

Six year old handicapped girl who was lying on a raw coat outside was burned alive. She succumbed on way to hospital.

Mob tried to throw 6 months old infant of Noorjahan into fire, but failed. 2 or 3 rape attempts also took place.

In addition to Omprakash Chorasiya, another Zilla Parishad member of BJP Peshkar Yadav, Virender Avasthi and Sanjeev Gupta were also among the mob asking them to launch attacks.

Police has prepared very weak FIR in order to avoid names of the well-known persons who participated in the riot.

The villagers are totally poor who live in small huts, without having any land of their own. It is astonishing that the government has made a mockingly sharp calculation and declared a random amount of rupees 7900 towards immediate relief.

SDPI demands immediate rebuilding of the houses and payment of due compensation of losses like vehicles, motors, animals, furniture, clothes, food and kitchen materials.

Compensation of rupees 7 lakhs declared to the family of soni, the girl killed in the fire is insufficient and it is to be enhanced to rupees 20 lakhs as generally being paid by the government in other cases.

The perpetrators of violence and terror shall be booked under NSA.