Is communal politics emerging in AMU? Demand for Temple on campus raised

Aligarh: Youth wing of BJP has decided to install an idol on the premises of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) if no land is allotted for this purpose.

The president of BJP District Youth Wing, Mr. Mukesh Singh Lodhi wrote a letter to Vice Chancellor of AMU giving him 15-days time for allotting land for the construction of temple on the campus of the university.

Mr. Mukesh Singh says that this demand is an old one. If the VC does not allot land before 24th February, an idol would be installed wherever convenient for them to worship. He pointed out that there is no temple on the campus of the university and Hindu students face a lot of difficulty in performing puja.

When a Hindi news portal made an attempt to contact the spokesman of AMU, Mr. Shafey Kidwai, he said that so far no official letter has been received by the university. On the question of construction of a temple on the campus of the university, he said that this demand of the youth leaders of BJP is a political one. AMU is an education institution and hence no politics can be played here.

Mr. Faiz-ul-Hasan, former President of AMU Students’ Union told that Mr. Lodhi’s demand is baseless and said that in 2015, court had ordered that no religious structure should be constructed on the campus of the university. The court also ordered the university authorities to refrain from dismantling any existing religious structure.

Mr. Faiz-ul-Hasan told that it is an attempt to promote communal politics in the State. He asked the BJP youth leaders to resolve Ram Temple issue first and then talk about constructing a temple on the campus of the university.