Communal parties emboldened during NDA rule: V Hanumanth Rao

Secretary AICC and Rajya Sabha member Mr. V Hanumanth Rao claimed that patriotism runs in Rahul Gandhi’s blood. He further added RSS is trying to make the country a Hindu Rashtra by thrusting its ideologies on people. They are trying to prove them anti-nationals who oppose their ideology.

Addressing a press conference here at Gandhi Bhawan on Thursday, Mr. V Hanumanth Rao said that RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena and the like were emboldened after the formation of BJP led NDA government at the centre and Narendra Modi became Prime Minister. They are trying to damage secular structure of the country through various means and the conspiracy of making the country a Hindu Rashtra is being implemented. RSS lobby is active in JNU and HCU is thrusting its ideology on the students. Students opposing their ideology are being killed or arrested judging them as anti-nationals, he asserted.

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