Communal harmony: Hindus make evening snacks for their Muslim brothers during Ramadan in Ajmer

Ajmer: The most awaited month of Islamic calendar, Ramadan has reached over fortnight; the grandeur of celebration could be witnessed all across India. Food streets bustle with individuals ready to dip their hands in their delicious snacks as they perform ‘Roza Iftar’ or end their day long fast at the evening.

In the Ajmer city of Rajasthan, the members of Madare Shah Akhada were seen busy preparing evening snacks for their Muslim brothers who were yet to return after devoting Namaz. For years, it has remained a tradition among the businessmen of this locality to perform Roza or fast during the month of Ramzan and observe ‘Roza Iftar’ at the evening along with their Muslim brothers.

Ensued with feeling of oneness, every festival is celebrated here with same fervor. Whether it is Diwali , Eid or the Holy month of Ramzan, the delicacies prepared during the fests bring all of them together.

Home to diverse religions, cultures, faiths and ethics, India has given space for all to foster and disperse their ideologies among the multi-religious society. The Ajmer city is one such conglomeration of faiths where people have been living in harmony since age.