Communal forces targeting Muslims in the name of cow, mandir, love Jihad

Hyderabad: Communal forces target dalits, tribals and minorities, mostly Muslims in the name of cow, mandir, love Jihad. In ancient India the higher class people in Hindu religion used to sacrifice cow and the beef was used in food. But Gautama Buddha opposed it and put a ban on cow sacrifice. Polarization in the name of cow, mandir and love jihad issues is apparently against Muslims but the real agenda is against all backward classes who are striving to provide their community equal status in the society. If at all fascist forces have sympathy towards cows, they should first give shelter and fodder to the stray cows eating plastic on the street side which leads to their death. These views were expressed by eminent social activist and intellectual Prof. Ram Puniyani, here at Sundarayya Vignana Kendram in Baghlingampally. He was addressing a meeting entitled ‘Protection of social and democratic rights in present scenario’.

Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Prof. PL Vishveshwar Rao, Majeedullah Khan Farhat, Prof. Kancha Ilaiah, Mr. Shahbaz Ali Khan and others addressed on the occasion.

Prof. Ram Puniyani added that the other issue is Masjid-Mandir issue in which fascist forces are bringing dalits and Muslims against each other. Fascist forces use Masjid-Mandir issue by linking it with faith and sentiments to polarize the society. He lamented upon Hadiya issue and said a 24-year-old, girl is not being given the right to take her own decision. He also slammed the director of film ‘Padmavati’ for depicting a Muslim ruler as uneducated, uncivilised and meat-eater.

Managing editor Siasat Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan said that in a well organised plan, Deve Gowda who has joined hands with BJP has been roped in for proposed Karnataka elections. He revealed that according to reliable sources, Deve Gouda has been given a whopping amount and given the responsibility to defeat over 60 Muslims by running campaign in the name of secularism. Mr. Khan further said BJP by making inroads into Karnataka is dreaming to gain foothold in South India, and our own leaders are lending it a helping hand to fulfill its dream.

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