Communal elements hoisted Saffron flag at the minaret of Masjid in Jagtiyal, area tense

Hyderabad: In Kodmiyal Mandal of Jagtiyal district, situation became tense when the Muslims saw a saffron flag at the entrance of the masjid while returning in the morning after offering Fajar prayer.

The news spread in the districts of Kareem Nagar and Jagtiyal like wild fire. Muslims youths started assembling at the Masjid in large numbers. On receiving information, Mr. Kiran Kumar Inspector of Police reached the newly constructed Masjid at Kodmiyal. Muslim youths raised slogans demanding the arrest of the culprits. They refused to remove the flag till the SP of the district arrives. Meanwhile, district SP, Mr. Anant Sharma reached Kodmiyal with a large police force. He negotiated with the local Muslims. A large number of Muslims from Kareem Nagar and Jagtiyal district also reached the place. They staged Rasta Roko program in front of the Masjid. They strongly demanded to arrest the culprits.

SP of the district appealed to the Muslims to be patient. He assured that whosoever is involved in this incident will not be spared. He instructed the Sub-Inspector of Police to register an FIR. He also desired the local Muslims committee to file a complaint. He assured that the culprits would be arrested within 24 hours.

It is noted that in States where BJP is not in power, the patience of the Muslims is being tested in this manner. It is understood that the communal elements are making an attempt to stabilize their status in Telangana State.

On account of cricket match between India and Pakistan yesterday, police had already issued a high alert notice. If police does not take stern action against the communal elements, they would get strengthened.

It may be mentioned that earlier, saffron flag was hoisted at old Eidgah Jagtiyal and unanimous letters were also sent to Masajid by VHP. It has become a common tradition to make hate speeches by the leaders of Bajrang Dal and VHP. The Muslim behaved in a very patient manner and restricted their action to staging Rasta Roko program and making a demand for punishing the culprits. President of Masjid Committee, Mr. N. Khan took a delegation to District SP’s office and presented a written complaint. Present in the delegation were Mr. Mohammed Sirajuddin, Vice Chairman of Jagtiyal Municipality, Mr. Muneeruddin, Counselor and others.

–Siasat News