It’s common for men to shy away from responsibilities at home: Irrfan

New Delhi: Internationally acclaimed actor Irrfan Khan, who has been married to writer Sutapa Sikdar for over two decades now, feels all men have a common habit of running away from doing household work. He says men should help their wives in sharing their work load.

“It’s common for men to shy away from responsibilities at home. However, it is even more important to make the effort to share the load. If not for our partners, then at least for our kids, who we need to ensure are raised in a world of equal opportunities both outside and within the home,” Irrfan, who was here on Monday with his wife to launch detergent brand Ariel Matic’s “ShareTheLoad” pack, said in a statement.

“Something as simple as doing the laundry can go a long way in making a difference. It’s okay to struggle with the tasks at first. As did I,” Irrfan said.

The brand has come up with a first of its kind “Odd-Even” laundry calendar, which encourages men to do laundry on odd days and women on even days.

“I encourage dads, husbands and men across the country to join the #ShareTheLoad movement”, Irrfan said.

Speaking at the event, Sutapa said: “We need to address this deep rooted prejudice, and ensure the next generation leaves with the right message of quality within the household.

“I am proud that Irrfan has joined this important cause of promoting equality within the household and we are excited to support this innovative idea of laundry going Odd-Even with the launch of the ‘ShareTheLoad’ pack.”