Common man suffering: Kejriwal on fuel price hike

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the decline of rupee against dollar, and the hike in the price of petrol and diesel.

Speaking to media here, Kejriwal accused Prime Minister Modi of doing the same thing that he used to blame the Congress for, during the United Progressive Alliance regime.

“Prime Minister (Modi) used to talk a lot about rupee and petrol before becoming the Prime Minister. But now, the BJP is saying what the Congress used to say. Earlier, the Congress was responsible for inflation, now it is the BJP. The common man is the one who is suffering,” he said.

Kejriwal statement comes in the wake of a fresh hike in the rates of petrol and diesel on Tuesday for the tenth consecutive day.

Petrol prices were hiked by 16 paise to trade at Rs 79.31 per litre, while diesel is being sold 19 paise higher at Rs.71.34 per litre, in New Delhi.

The Opposition has attacked the Centre on several occasions due to increase in fuel prices and the declining value of the rupee against one US Dollar.