Committed to increase accessibility of AI tools in India: Intel

Bengaluru: Chipmaker Intel on Wednesday said it was committed to accelerate the accessibility of Artificial Intelligence tools across industries, and drive the next wave of computing by strategically investing in developer education.

To develop AI-ready talent in the country, the company said it had trained more than 99,000 developers, students and professors since April 2017.

“We have been able to accomplish this through our strong collaboration with the academia, government, and the private sector. This streak will continue as we engage with local platforms such as Analytics Vidhya, to train data scientists and developers,” Prakash Mallya, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing Group, Intel India, said in a statement.

Hosting the first AI developers conference in Bengaluru, the company said a diverse set of Indian companies are now banking on AI to give their business a boost.

Attended by more than 500 developers, the event served as a platform to share updates on real-world applications of AI that can benefit businesses and people.

“The Intel AI Developer Conference in India is a testament to our local collaborations for developing AI technology, and growing the ecosystem,” said Gadi Singer, Vice President, and Architecture General Manager, Artificial Intelligence at Intel Corporation.

“Today, a diverse set of Indian companies have shown how they are effectively using AI to accelerate their business, and shape the end user experience. Their insights and solutions reflect the great potential that India has for AI technology development,” Singer added.

Among other customers and partners, Intel India has collaborated with Philips,, and Mphasis NEXT Labs to deploy its AI portfolio in the local ecosystem.