My comments were ‘misconstrued’, says Shah Rukh

Kolkata: Over a month after lending voice to the intolerance debate by alleging that there was “extreme intolerance” in the country, actor Shah Rukh Khan today said his comments were “misconstrued” and asserted that he did not say anything for which he should apologise.

“What I want to say I speak. But lot of things I say are misconstrued, perhaps mispresented, perhaps misinterpreted sometimes.

“I have not said anything for which I should apologise. I am not in a stage or age that I need to clarify. People of this country know me. Perhaps they did not understand what I said,” Khan said after persistent queries from media about the recent controversy over his reported remark and the subsequent protests.

“For 25 years, I had been bestowed with unconditional love and affection from the people, from every corner of this country, that made me what I am today.

“So, if now I get messages on WhatsApp and social media, if my film is stopped in theatres, I feel extremely sad,” Khan told a press conference here.

On November 2, when the actor turned 50, he added his voice to growing protests by the intelligentsia over climate of intolerance, saying there was “extreme intolerance” in the country.

“There is intolerance, there is extreme intolerance… there is I think… There is growing intolerance,” Khan had told India Today TV.

“It is stupid… It is stupid to be intolerant and this is our biggest issue not just an issue…Religious intolerance and not being secular in this country is the worst kind of crime that you can do as a patriot,” he had said.

Khan was replying to a question about reports on demonstrations and halting of screening of ‘Dilwale’ in some parts of North India.

He called upon his fans not to be “misled by people who perhaps misconstrue” his statements. He also hinted that attempts were made to frame him by posting a fake tweet which purportedly showed that he had abused some people.

“That is a photo-shop, con job as one can find out. I will be the last person to do so. In the last over two decades people, across caste, gender and religion, have judged me for my work.

“I succeeded some time and I failed but that is the creative part. I got love from all religions. And I stand for my work,” he said.

Claiming that ‘Dilwale’ had a whooping box office return in the last week, with the film topping in Bengal territory, the actor asked, “Why stopping a film meant to spread happiness.
Actress Kajol said the film, commemorating the stupendous

success of cult DDLJ years back, has a social message.

“We have great directors, writers and our fans loved us so many years. It has always been great fun,” she said as Shah Rukh smiled.

“She is one of the finest actors and I am happy to be here with her as the first place after Dilwale release,” Khan said.

To a question about his opinion on the juvenile detention issue in Nirbhaya case, Khan said, “I won’t say anything on this here. This is not the right platform with all the entertainment reporters waiting to hear more about film.