Coming LS polls going to be India versus PM Modi, says Congress leader Singhvi

New Delhi: The coming Lok Sabha poll is going to be India versus Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said senior Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi here on Monday.

Comparing Prime Minister Modi with King Louise XV, Singhvi said that the BJP leaders and members have become court jesters and yes-puppets trying to fulfill the ‘I, me and myself syndrome of one person.’

Talking to media persons here, Singhvi said that Prime Minister Modi was misleading the entire nation by poking fun at alliances forgetting that his own “unholy” alliance in Kashmir.

“Modi has just come out of the world’s most unholy alliance in Jammu and Kashmir. Not only did he enter into an alliance but also ditched it midway after running for four years two governments one in Jammu and one in Kashmir. It is this Prime Minister and the BJP sermonising us about alliances,” said Singhvi.

Singhvi further said the BJP in 1977-78 was in alliance with the Left and late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had entered an alliance with them.

“They want to forget that although they themselves are in an alliance with many, many parties. Those parties are queuing up to desert a sinking ship. 14 have left and queue to leave is growing longer by the minute as we speak,” Singhvi said.

He further said the BJP is scared of the “rainbow coalition” that gathered in Kolkata for the rally.
Taking a dig at the Central government, Singhvi also talked about Mehul Choksi, stating that as he has given up Indian citizenship, he will never be returning to India.

“Utter hypocrisy and again, misleading the people of this country to hide hard figures. Hard figures cannot be hidden by ‘jumlas’ alone,” he said.

The Congress leaders further stated that in one year the bank frauds in India have increased by 72 per cent. He further said that these were government figures and no clarification has been provided. Singhvi accused the Central government of cheating the people by misusing power.

“Modi ji has found a better way as to why we have a selection committee,” Singhvi said while talking about the appointment of people from the pool of candidates for certain important positions.

Congress leader said that less eligible and less desired people are being appointed to a position of power by the Central government through skewed and devious means, while giving the example of the appointment of Lokpal in Gujarat.