Colorado woman fights a lion to rescue her son

Colorado: A woman pried open a mountain lion’s mouth to rescue her 5 year old son, whose head was completely inside the cat’s mouth. The woman charged the animal, yanked away one of its paws and discovered her son’s whole head was in its mouth. She didn’t back down.

When the woman ran outside, she found the mountain lion crouched over her younger son, who was struggling to get free. The boy was completely under the cat. The mother grabbed the lion’s mouth and pried it open, freeing the boy. She then scooped him up and ran away.

The boy’s father had just returned from a run when the attack occurred. He jumped in the car with his wife and son and called 911 as they sped to the Aspen hospital. From there, the child was flown to Children’s Hospital in Denver. The mother also suffered bite marks on her hand and scratches on her leg, authorities said. She was treated and released. The mountain lion was estimated to be about 2 years old and was not fully grown.