Colleges increased, standard deteriorated in Telangana – Survey report

Hyderabad: Recently held survey in Telangana revealed that although the number of colleges increased but the strength of students decreased and also the standard of education deteriorated in these colleges which poses a serious question on the functioning of education the state.

Govt. of Telangana liberally permitted private colleges during the past 2-3 years but the trend of seeking admissions has gone down.

According to survey report which was released on 15th December, it was stated that in 2015, the number of colleges in the State was 2252 which was enhanced to 2536 in the year 2016.The total strength of the students in 2015 was 13,76,000 in the year 2015 which got reduced to 12,79,000 in the year 2016.

The educational experts opined that this situation arose due to liberal permission given to private colleges by the Govt. Most of the private colleges are running on commercial basis without caring for quality education.

–Siasat News