College student from Madurai creates handicraft items from waste

Madurai: The COVID-19 pandemic may have imposed several restrictions in normal day to day life, but it has also given people an opportunity to explore their hidden talents, and to tap into creative pursuits they may have not considered otherwise. Similarly, a college student from Madurai has used the COVID-19 induced lockdown to pursue her childhood interest in making handicrafts.

Jennifer, a 2nd-year college student from Madurai, wanted to improve her childhood interest in making handicrafts during the free time amid the COVID-19 outbreak. She created decorative items using bottles, pistachio shells, chicken feathers, broken glasses, bells, keys, and lentils.

After decorating these items beautifully, she posted their pictures on her social media handles, which received huge appreciation from her followers.

Impressed with Jennifer’s art and creativity, her followers gradually requested her to design similar handicraft items for them. Since then she has been creating and delivering these items to customers.

“Since I was getting bored during the lockdown in March, I got this idea of creating craftwork out of waste. I started collecting bottles and decorated them with waste material like tissue papers, pistachio shells, etc. I want to remember 2020 for my creativity,” Jennifer told ANI.

Jennifer is gaining popularity on social media as a young budding entrepreneur.