Coldest day in Delhi in last five years

New Delhi: The sudden fall in temperature, five notches below the average settling at 26.3 degree Celsius, on Wednesday broke the last five years’ record for the coldest October 28 in the capital, the Met Office said.
“This particular date (October 28) is the coldest day in last five years. Cold winds swept through the national capital and the sky remained overcast with clouds,” the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said. Traces of rainfall was also recorded at some places.
The minimum temperature, early on Wednesday was, however, a notch above the average at 17.5 degrees Celsius. The maximum humidity was 84 percent. According to IMD, rainfall is expected in the national capital on Thursday.
The maximum temperature on Thursday is expected to be around 28 degrees Celsius and the minimum is likely to be around 18 degrees Celsius.