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Cold weather in India is the result of Siberian winds

Cold weather in India is the result of Siberian winds

In a turn of events globally, a ‘cold-wave’ like situation is being experienced in many parts of India.

According to reports, the biting cold in India over the past few days is the result of blast of cold Siberian winds passing to the Indian region through Europe.

According to TOI reports entire north India, parts of central India, including Maharashtra, are feeling the chill in a supposedly warm winter because of a phenomenon that weather forecasters term ‘negative Arctic oscillation’, which brings a Higher-level winds travel from Europe and Russia via Afghanistan and Pakistan to enter northern India.

This biting cold situation will prevail for another few days. Thereafter, an anti-cyclone over Rajasthan will block these cold northeasterly winds and the wind direction will change to easterly and towards South India.

Earlier, these cold Siberian winds were reaching the Western Himalayas, only to be blocked by the back to back Western Disturbances. Now, in absence on any active Western Disturbance the winds are getting a clear passage.